Baxter Elementary School

5546 Fairview Rd.  Baxter, MN 56425
Office: 218-454-6400  Fax: 218-454-6401
Steve Lundberg, Principal
Twitter: @BaxterSchool
Facebook: Baxter Elementary School

Fast Facts

Year Built – 1955
Right Size Capacity – 425
Current Enrollment – 484 as of 10/1/2016
Building Size – 58,000 Sq. Feet
Land Area – 6.5 Acres
Total Future Maintenance – $5.7 million
Future Maintenance per Square Foot -- $97
Expansion Possibilities – No


Staff Listening Session results.

Click here to view the Facilities Presentation from the May 18, 2017 community meeting. 

See a transcript of the Community Listening Session.

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Community Listening Session results (coming soon)


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