Draft concept drawn by WidsethSmithNolting.

Draft concept drawn by WidsethSmithNolting.

New Elementary School


Fast Facts about this school

  • Year Built – 1955     
  • Right Size Capacity – 375   
  • Current Enrollment – 402  
  • Building Size – 48,000 Sq. Feet   
  • Land Area – 4 Acres
  • Needed Maintenance - $7.4 million

The Needs at this school

  • Safety, security and accessibility
  • Classroom Space for the students enrolled and for additional future enrollment
  • Special Education Space to give students an appropriate place to have their needs met
  • Expanded Core Spaces (examples: library, gymnasium, office)
  • Site Expansion
  • Maintenance
  • See photos of the needs

The Plan for this school

The Cost

  • Proposed Plan (includes maintenance): $11 million

The Process to get here


Current Garfield Elementary

Proposed changes to Garfield Elementary


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