Overall goal of Blueprint 181

Facilities that promote opportunity, innovation and success for all learners.

The eight Objectives

When developing the plan, the Board relied on community input, expert analysis of buildings and was guided by 8 Objectives generated through community inputs:

  1. Safe and secure facilities
  2. Mechanical and educational adequacy updates
  3. Space that fosters best practice instruction and 21st century learning opportunities
  4. Spaces that promote robust opportunities in academics, arts, activities and athletics
  5. Increased community collaboration, career and technical education opportunities and workforce development initiatives
  6. Visionary technology integration
  7. Transparency, engagement and community trust-building
  8. Highest-quality educational opportunities for our taxpayers' generous investment

The six phase planning process

  1. Communications Planning to inform all stakeholders about the district and this process. This is phase is ongoing. 
  2. Stakeholder Input to gather information and ideas from community members. This is phase is ongoing.
  3. Surveys & Assessments to collect data on which to make sound decisions that reflect community desires. 
  4. Develop Options & Alternatives to ensure that the plan addresses the most pressing issues.
  5. Bond Election Process for the voters to determine how the district moves forward with facilities. We are in this phase now.
  6. Construction Management if the referendum is approved and we move forward with the plan.

The Ballot Questions

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